Carbon 4.4.2 Build 9 for Galaxy S Advance

Carbon ROM

Changelog 20140125:

  • Probably wifi issue fixed
  • App to SD fixed!


  • Tell me


  • theHacka1
  • Team Canjica
  • J-Team
  • PolishVodka
  • Carbon Rom Team
  • New Macław



38 responses to “Carbon 4.4.2 Build 9 for Galaxy S Advance

  1. Hari

    waiting for CM11… 🙂

    • Jatinder Pal


      I have installed this ROM. Working smoothly, much better than original jelly bean. Some bugs are like wifi issue but that is ok. In perspective of games little bit diss-pointed, Asphalt 7, 8 is not working, danger dash, virtua tennis and some other games are not working. Please fix it , if possible.

  2. TPD Aluh - Aluh

    Actually I want to try this ROM is cool, but I still fear that such case has been posted CM11 Studio Maclaw. Since I have repeatedly flash the ROM via CWM, which I think is still less stable, especially on Camera innate, and ROM capacity is still too much nesting in my device storage systems. 😦

    I hope that the next update of the CM11 P8 team can bring significant improvement, especially for:
    1. Active wifi button sometimes does not work.
    2. Camera storage that can not be saved to the SD Card.
    3. System ROM storage memory is not too time consuming.

    Success always for your hard work! Thank you. 🙂

  3. XDelay

    Is this build working also for version with nfc i9070p?

  4. interface options crash and also wifi doesnt work correctly

  5. milkab92

    for me wifi is good in build 8. the only thing i miss is the app to sd feature. but now i dont install this because as i see its worst than build 8 :/

  6. pipo

    Wi-Fi is working!! Flash from 0 over I9070XXLQL baseband with wipes…

  7. lucho

    fixed the sound bugs? trrrrrrr… and good roms

  8. lucho

    this rom has integrated google now?.. sorry

  9. harsha365

    hey im like havein serious overheating issues after flashing build 8……..l

  10. xessus

    tnx for all your work guys. i love this rom im still at build 4 since you guys realesed but ill pass to nine. please keep doing this project!

  11. Leonardo

    I am using the Build 9


    1.(like on build 6) every time the wi fi bug happens when:
    -turn on wifi from Tiles
    – turn on Fly mode from Tiles
    -Turn off fly mode from tiles
    – turn off wi fi from tiles
    -turn on fly mode again
    -when turn off fly mode the wi fi stay in deactivation… is not possible to activate

    2.another bug found on this build and not in build 6 is:
    -go to settings
    -go to carbon fibers
    – when press interface ==> carbon fibers app crash

    3. This is not really annoying
    when you are on your home and press the menu button appears three button in the screen : wallpapers , widget and Settings..
    when press settings nothing happens, this button did not work

    OK this is the bug i found
    anyway this is the best ROM for this phone in my opinion continue this good work please because now my phone is fast and cool! thank you for all your work!

  12. I’m happy with Build-8 .There is no issue of wifi in my device.Thanks Team-P8.

  13. nick

    hello!!! i would like to increase swappiness of memory(ram) is there any way to do that without an app in carbon rom??
    thanks for your awesome work!!!

  14. Rishikesh

    I am using it for couple of days now, no significant problems apart from DLNA not working neither Miracast it doesn’t scan my TV . also network location is not working correctly, gmaps failed to locate my network based location. Everything else is super smooth and superfast. I am loving it

  15. milkab92

    another bug i found. every picture taken by the phone named 1970-01-01 01.00.00-x.jpg :/

  16. Gayan


    I tried flashing the ROM using the built in recovery on my GT-I9070 (after rooting it) that runs JellyBean 4.1.2, but somewhere around 50% it gets stuck. Any advice from anyone will be much appreciated (I’m new to all this).

    Thank you.

    • Gayan

      Okay, I finally found a solution. I temporarily installed the CWM recover tool and then used it to install the Carbon ROM and it worked flawlessly.

  17. abhinash

    Message not working in carbon build 9

  18. Louiz

    This GAPPs are different from the ones of other builds?

  19. wifi problem solved?
    double tab to lock in statusbar like cm 11 work here?

  20. Máté

    New build arrived for S3 mini:)

  21. Just installed this, having the same problem: can’t enable WiFi, gets stuck on “Turning Wi-Fi on…” and I have to reboot. Is Wipe Cache & Dalvik + install from .zip enough to update?

  22. doihoang

    faulty versions of this rom wifi and serious message

  23. milkab92

    i don’t understand why you couldn’t finish this rom normally… it is almos perfect, one more build where wifi and app to sd works like in previous builds, and this is the best rom for our phone… but no…

  24. Andrea De Gaetano

    WiFi still not turn on, but this rom is awesome. Great job!

  25. why 3g video calling not supported

  26. frank

    bug : problems sending sms “”””” has stopped

  27. koger

    I also have a problem with the default SMS app, I can’t get any SMS because it stops working.
    I solved this by using Hangouts for text messages.
    There was more 2 bugs, but I forgot them….

    I miss Galaxy S Advance settings app.

    The Wifi and 3G bugs (I had the same problem with mobile transfer) now vanished!

    • koger

      One thing that I made different before flashing this ROM, I formated both my storages, internal and external, but I hardly think so this could have solved my problems.

      • koger

        I tried other ROMs, than I turned back to this one. Interestingly and unfortunately the wifi bug appeared again, and I have some graphich performance problem, too.

        One more discovered bug: in Carbon Fibers>Interface doesn’t work. After pressing Interface Carbon Fiber stops with error.

        I tried to avoid these bugs or problems with reflash, wiping caches, nothing helped.

  28. Omar

    Thanks guys, it’s a great rom. Waiting for next build 🙂

  29. Krishnadev

    i had installed carbon rom build 9 am facing these problems….

    1 .Some times lock screen device getting not responded, and am not able to unlock my device for a while..
    resetting battery is 1 way 1 found..
    2.sometimes wifi cann’t be turned on
    3.Backuped contacts can’t be imported back

    hope you will resolve it soon

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