Come Here Guys!

Hey guys, as you all know the event, now TeamCanjica has the sources to fix the OMX and Camera, so I’m not going to release more builds of Carbon 4.4.2 waiting for release to CM 11 by TeamCanjica. I hope you can understand me, this is the best for you, because the next builds you can have a rom bugfree.

Thanks for everything, I’m always here with you for whatever you need! And so to be released a CM 11 by TeamCanjica, I update the Carbon 4.4.2 for you as soon as possible, on the same day.



22 responses to “Come Here Guys!

  1. luca

    Ok thank you!!!!!
    But any fix for app to sd??? I can’t install apps that use ext sd…

  2. can you make one more build cm 11? please do ir. autobrigt fix. pelease the last

    • Mathew

      Yeah, please make last CM port with autobrightness fix, please 🙂

      • Slavo

        If anyone want to fix autobrightness:
        1.) download this file –
        2.) move it to \system\framework (replace the old file by this new one)
        3.) set right permissions for this apk-file
        4.) reboot phone

        If this does not work for you, just simply download build 7, move this file to \system\framework (replace the old one) and reflash the whole ROM with this apk-file included in zip-file.

        It worked for me, I can set autobrightness and it really change brightness of the display automaticaly.

  3. Andrew

    Good decision !

  4. Michal35

    please realase new build. TC is shit. You CM11 is amazing.

  5. thank you very much!!!!! for all!!!

  6. Greencabbageman

    please don’t give up on your work ! Your CM11 brought live back to my Smartphone. I already was about to let it go. It is as good as never before.

  7. xaridada

    Thanks waiting 🙂

  8. milkab92

    One more last build for Carbon please, I really love it but that app to SD thing is really missing. :// But it’s amazingly fast and everything is ok, and i would use it but that way it’s not good. Please another, last build where this SD thing fixed. Thanks

  9. Minh Tâm

    Hi TEAM, I’m sorry but why I can’t find some feature mentioned in Carbon ROM website? something like HALO or active screen? Thanks

  10. Hari

    Can’t wait to see next release. 🙂

  11. Builds of Carbon will continue!

  12. Michal35

    Please continue CM11

  13. I am conducting tests with Carbon to release a stable version of CM 11. Please, wait guys!

  14. negrito85

    uuuhhmmm… Still waiting…
    Why is your thread closed in XDA?

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