CyanogenMod 11 Build 7 for Galaxy S Advance

CyanogenMod 11

Changelog 20140121:

  • CM sources update
  • Probably wifi issue fixed
  • Kernel updated (Thanks Rox, Alberto97 and KINGbabasula)
  • AOSP-like OMX/Camera implementation
  • AOSP RIL support (1/2)
  • Removed all unused java classes


  • Auto brightness
  • Tell me


  • CyanogenMod Team
  • Team Canjica
  • J-Team
  • New Maclaw



26 responses to “CyanogenMod 11 Build 7 for Galaxy S Advance

  1. pepe

    Nice 🙂
    What about auto brightness fix from PolishVodka?

  2. Bonez1802

    U are the king! Please do not stop port for us.. the best rom 4 our Advance.. smooth and cool.. thank U.. 😉

  3. Jaison Puloor Alex

    Wifi issue is not get fixed for me.

    SAdvance I9070

  4. Fabio

    Someone can try ruzzle or the countdown on camera or sao launcher and see if there are “trrrr” after each sound?

  5. ashgd

    wat abt backlight disabling..?? weder tat issue fixed..??

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  7. Mike

    I can’t move aplications to internal SD.

  8. jaba


    it´s posible to install in model i9070P (with NFC)?

  9. pipo

    A question… Why don’t port from s3 mini release? Maclaw makes more releases for s3 mini than ace 2.

  10. Hari

    Can’t wait to see next release. 🙂

  11. XDelay

    Is this build working also for version with nfc i9070p?

  12. Greencabbageman

    I’m not able to install certain apps from playstore anymore. I’m also not able to moove apps to sd card.
    It’s nex since update 7

  13. Marcika

    Is this better than Maclaw’s release?

  14. romulo

    link for gapps don’t work

  15. arya

    wifi has problem…

  16. Samuel

    Hello, why I can’t open video files? Anybody having same problem with me?

  17. shrn

    M not using cm .

  18. sumit


    Great release. Stable none the less… But issues with wifi.

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