Carbon 4.4.2 Build 8 for Galaxy S Advance

Carbon ROM

Changelog 20140121:

  • Probably wifi issue fixed
  • Kernel updated (Thanks Rox, Alberto97 and KINGbabasula)


  • Tell me


  • theHacka1
  • Team Canjica
  • J-Team
  • PolishVodka
  • Carbon Rom Team
  • New Macław



17 responses to “Carbon 4.4.2 Build 8 for Galaxy S Advance

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  2. sergio david

    i dont know if its just me but i cant move apps to sd card external

  3. Netflix’s videos doesnt load 😦

  4. Ansaar

    Please tell what how to install!
    Can I flash it over Cm10.2?

  5. Ansaar

    Please tell us* how to install
    Can I flash it over 10.2?

  6. user

    i found wifi bug same as cyanogen mod on my s advance! The problem is that when you tern on the device and then tern on wifi when you close wifi you cannot enable it! You must restart the device! but i cant reboot device every time i whant to surf to web via wifi so please fix it…. its the only bug i found on my phone! thanks!

  7. Minh Tâm

    Im sorry but why I can’t find some feature mentioned in Carbon ROM website? something like HALO or active screen? Thanks

  8. andrew

    When i set a ringtone and restart the phone it goes away to unknown ringtone again !!!

    When i go to flight mode wifi isseue come back

    When i make a backup with cwm the rom become weird when open it again some setting changes and sometimes this make wifi issue back

    This is issues that i found but it is a nice rom and fast and i played asphalt 8 smoothly on it
    like it good work

  9. tgabor7

    Does Youtube HQ works?

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