CyanogenMod 11 Build 6 for Galaxy S Advance

CyanogenMod 11

Changelog 20140119:

  • CM sources update
  • Stable release
  • Auto timezone problems resolved
  • Resolved all issues with 2g/3g toggling
  • Preparing for OTA (WIP)


  • Auto brightness
  • Tell me


  • New Maclaw
  • CyanogenMod Team
  • Team Canjica



14 responses to “CyanogenMod 11 Build 6 for Galaxy S Advance

  1. Slavo

    Is it possible to add auto-brightness fix (made by PolishVodka) from Carbon-port to CM11-port?

  2. Thanks for your work! about “stable release” you mean that wifi is fully working without bugs and youtube works fine?

  3. Jaison Puloor Alex

    Thanks for the work .:), i’ve one more bug, there is an issue with the button backlight. It’ll not be disabled. It’ll disable only until a restart or a long sleep. Please include this too in the next build

  4. jagdeep

    my auto brightness feature is working . I’m on 13/01 by Maclaw..

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  6. majju

    can we install TWRP?

  7. i need use supersu.
    how to use “supersu” instead “superuser”?

  8. titanium backup not match with superuser for root permision.
    can’t restore backup.

  9. Because it’s a stable release, all bugs should be fixed right ? Does that include the compass issue ?

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