CyanogenMod 11 Build 5

CyanogenMod 11

Changelog 20140118:

  • CM sources update
  • Stable release
  • Trying to fix clock for rest who have problems with it
  • Video playing improvements
  • Huge device cleanup
  • Resolved audio scratch probably everywhere
  • Small tweaks for stability
  • Added command line bluetooth tools for debbugging


  • Auto brightness
  • Tell me


  • New Maclaw
  • CyanogenMod Team
  • Team Canjica



26 responses to “CyanogenMod 11 Build 5

  1. jayaram

    thanks man I’m really waiting for this
    I’m using build 3 can I flash build 5 without any wipe

  2. kshitij jangir

    Thank ya so much…

  3. kshitij jangir

    Hey!! Link not working…

  4. i used this rom 8 hours from now
    its fast and smooth
    only autobrightness and screen recording r not working
    i hope it will be fixed in next build 🙂 🙂

  5. johhn

    I can´t flash gapps, status 7 error.

  6. Fabio

    Can i talk with some developer of this rom? There is a audio problem with apps like ruzzle, sao launcher, the camera app and i think some other apps not tested by me. Can you maybe fix this problem?

    • Fabio

      The problem is that, when every sound is played, a terrible “trrrr” follow the app sound :/
      On the camera the problem is on the auto shot timer sound :/

  7. Ruhsten

    Thanks, I’m downloading now.

  8. Nelson Fonseca

    What’s the difference between this cm11 ported and the one built by maclaw for s advance? Or are these 2 the same? If not, which is better?

  9. plz make a new mirror.
    i can’t download from “MEGA”.
    suggestion:, mediafire, 4shared

    tnx for dev.

  10. john

    Wifi fails when i turn off and then i turn on, i have to reboot for solve it.
    I hear the “trrrrr” in the camera too.

  11. john

    I heard the “trrrr” in the camera too.
    Wi-Fi fails when i turn off and then i turn on, i have to reboot for solve it.
    I flash over latest Italy stock rom.

  12. Matus

    Can I ask, what phone is this CM ported from? Is this from Ace2 or S3 mini? Btw, keep going, your work is awsome 🙂

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