AOKP 4.4.2 Build 1

AOKP 4.4.2

Changelog 20140117:

  • Initial Release


  • Auto brightness
  • Tell me


  • New Maclaw
  • Team Canjica


Build 1


8 responses to “AOKP 4.4.2 Build 1

  1. jafar

    tank u for hard work
    please solve Auto brightness .it is really big & bad bug

  2. jafar

    it is not good idea
    our phone have sensor why use app for Auto brightness?
    u are a team means u can work & solve this bug
    at all ur roms have same Auto Brightness bug

  3. Topse

    They are porting ROM’s .
    Most Phones, that Team 8 are using the ROM’s for porting.
    Do not have this sensor….

  4. We are working to fix this.

  5. Topse

    Is there also the wifi bug?
    As in the other versions (Carbon ,CM11)?

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